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Alonso & Asociados

Law Firm was founded in 1986 by Jose Luis Alonso Iglesias, a lawyer and an economist that lead an entire team of lawyers and economist professionals.

We are part of a national lawyer network “HISPAJURIS”, which is formed by multiple law firms and professionals around Spain.
Thanks to this close collaboration, it is possible to carry out specialised assignments in national and international countries.
Definitely, Alonso & Asociados aspires to be distinguished for a high-quality service and clear legal advice to the client, as we have demonstrated in the last years.

  • Volkswagen condemned

    Volkswagen is required to indemnify the victims of the affected vehicles by the Court. 01 December 2016.The first sentences are in favor of the affected owners and Volkswagen has to compensate them for the loss of value of their vehicles. Some months ago, when the Volkswagen fuss came to light, our law firm, in coordination […]

  • Default on payments from the companies

    Beware of the forgotten bills in the drawer, it may be too late … In 2015, the law related to the time of reaction to claim debts was modified. And the general deadline of 15 years was reduced to 5 years. Nonetheless, it is essential to take into account that there are other far more […]

  • Maternity benefit

    How to claim the refund of the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) for the maternity benefit to Treasury Department: 25 November 2016. A recent sentence opens the way to recover what was paid into the Income Tax Declaration for maternity benefits, since 2012 As it was established by a recent sentence from the Supreme Court of […]

  • Crime Prevention

    Keys to the development of a crime prevention program in companies. 28th November 2016. Businessmen’s tranquillity thanks to this tool. We offer you the adequate advice for a proper development. A company can be declared criminally responsible because of the crimes committed by the administrator, representatives and employees ( if the company has not developed […]

  • Debts relief

    People can be free from debt and start from scratch as long as they meet requirements. Unfortunately, in Spain, there are a lot of people who are suffering the consequences of the economic crisis and are not able to face payment commitments. On the one hand, there are people who are not professionals nor businessmen, […]

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