Mercantilist lawyer Madrid

Within the Commercial Law Area, the activity ranges from commercial advice to Spanish and foreign companies to Mergers and Acquisitions


–      SOCIETY

  • Constitution of societies.
  • Acquisition, merger and spin-off of companies.
  • Business projects and franchises.
  • Collaboration agreements between companies.
  • Preparation of commercial contracts.
  • Advice on capital companies and their legal regime: challenge of agreements, call for meetings.
  • Statutory reforms.
  • Secretary of the Board of Directors.
  • General Meetings.
  • Increase and reduction of capital.
  • Pact of partners.




  • Diligence and legalization of all mandatory legal official books of the Society.
  • Updating of the obligatory legal official books carried by the Society.
  • Drafting of the minutes of the corporate resolutions taken by the governing and administrative bodies of the Company.
  • Keeping of all official legal books of the Society.
  • Surveillance of registration registrations of the Company.
  • Control of incidents in the Public Registries.
  • Control and supervision of the legal status of the Company.




  • Information in relation to the companies that are hired.
  • Support in hiring (writing of documents, contracts, promissory notes, etc.).
  • Previous feasibility study of the claim.
  • Claim and extrajudicial negotiation of the debt.
  • Judicial demands and advice.




  • Assistance and advice in tax inspections.
  • Preparation of company contracts.
  • Contentious procedures.
  • Consultations with the General Directorate of Taxes.
  • Advice on business operations and particularly in the acquisition and transfer of companies, mergers and restructuring.




  • Advice, organization, monitoring and control of the patrimonial structure.
  • Tax planning of the family business.
  • Planning of the legal-fiscal aspects of the succession.
  • Planning of great patrimonies.
  • Advice and restructuring of family business groups.
  • Commercial and fiscal advice in the transmission of the company.
  • Planning of the generational change in the ownership of the company.
  • Design and execution of family protocols.
  • Advice on Family Law.
  • Assistance in tax inspections.
  • Planning of succession processes.
  • Testamentary process.