1788/5000The German manufacturer will have to reimburse an owner of an affected vehicle.

Recently the second sentence of a Spanish court has been made public that condemns Volkswagen, together with the dealer dealer, to compensate the buyer of an affected vehicle, due to the deceit suffered.

Pioneering sentences that will open the way:

In an earlier post on our blog we commented the first of these sentences that condemned Volkswagen to indemnify. It was then a judge from Valladolid fixing the compensation at 10% of the purchase value of the vehicle.

On this occasion, a new ruling ratifies the same arguments, the deception that Volkswagen committed when marketing vehicles with a tricky software that forces it to compensate the injured.

Much attention if you are called from the workshop:

Volkswagen has received authorization from KBA (German Federal Transport Agency) this month to implement a solution for all 1.6 TDI diesel engines. It is said that this solution will be introduced during this year 2017.

If your vehicle has one of these motors and receives a call to “go through a workshop” you must exercise extreme caution and as we have been advising:

  1. Request that you give in advance the repair that will be made, detailing the technical modifications that will be made in your vehicle.
  1. And, above all, do not sign any document that supposes a waiver of your rights, which may prevent you from later claiming the compensation that corresponds to you.

Our office, in coordination with the other partner offices of Hispajuris, maintains a personalized national service for the legal defense of the victims of Volkswagen.